Emergency generating sets (Stand-by)

Characteristics of the emergency generating sets equipped with diesel engines

The Intergen emergency units distribute stable power to connected utilities and ensure that energy is always immediately available in the event of an outage or faults on the mains, along with high performance and precise of the control systems on the machine.

They are known for their reliability, safety and cost-savings: they are available with custom applications and dimensions aimed at guaranteeing performance in all places and in compliance with the strictest international regulations.

An emergency energy system must guarantee the supply of sensitive electrical loads from a source which is separate from the normal grid. Based on the criticality of the loads to protect and the duration of tolerable interruption in the event of a fault on the mains, various types of emergency generating sets can be used. Those produced by Intergen are aimed at large civil, industrial and tertiary sector utilities. They are driven by a diesel engine and cover a range from 500 to 5,000 kWe and can be supplied in low or medium voltage. They can be supplied with a soundproof casing for installation outdoors or supplied on a base for installation in a machine room inside a building. The electric panels include electrical devices for detecting an outage on the grid, start-up of the unit and transfer of the load via an automatic switch as well as monitoring and protection of the diesel engine, alternator and other system components. The load transfer and upload time is 10-12 seconds from the outage. The selection of components which comprise the emergency systems supplied by Intergen is aimed at ensuring a very high degree of reliability and safety in the event of a failure on the grid. It is also possible to customise each system based on the specific needs of the end user.