Generating sets for continuous production

Characteristics of the generating sets for continuous production

Thanks to the use of GE-Transportation medium speed (900 / 1000 RPM) diesel engines, the gensets for COP (Continuous Power) operation guarantee high reliability, long operating life and constant performance over time, fundamental qualities for a plant designed and conceived for the production of electricity.

In all industrialised countries electricity is distributed through a grid which connects the large production plants composed of turbogas groups, steam turbines or hydraulic turbines supplied by fossil fuels (coal, gas, etc.), nuclear fuels or water from reservoirs.  However, it is necessary to create island networks in remote or difficult to access areas. In these cases medium capacity production plants are used, ranging from 10 to 50 MWe driven by medium speed (900/1,000 rpm) stationary diesel engines. Intergen acts as General Representative and Official Packager for General Electric Transportation and is able to offer plants for the production of energy with GET engines with unit power up to 5 MWe. The supply can range from a simple generating set on base to a complete turnkey plant, complete with prefab building, electrical control panels, medium voltage distribution panels, fuel storage tanks, etc. For installations in particularly difficult places or where finding specialised personnel for assembly is difficult Intergen has developed a line of plug&play generator units in containers which are preassembled and tested in the factory before being shipped, permitting a drastic reduction in the amount of work to be performed on-site. All of the continuous production generating sets are subjected to a strict full power test in the plant’s test room, which are equipped with load banks with a total up to 5 MWe and 8 MWe simultaneously. All of the engineering for the mechanical and electrical parts and automation of the plant (SKADA type supervision systems are developed within the in-house technical department, which has all of the necessary skills and experience gained in 50 years of activity in this sector.

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