More than 220 plants remotely monitored thanks to a “predictive system” that ensures efficiency and cost optimisation

Lomagna – July 23rd, 2018  – Intergen has recently developed a display and remote control system for plants which offers the possibility of supplying a predictive maintenance service, for early trouble-shooting at the initial phase, permitting better management of operation and maintenance, ensuring efficiency and cost optimisation.

Even for cogeneration a high level of after sales technical assistance is fundamental for making customers loyal and ensure that the project specifications are maintained over time, by supplying the customer’s production plant with the electricity and thermal energy needed without interruptions or deviations from the business plan.

Intergen technicians control installed plants from the control room, monitoring critical variables in order to be able to promptly intervene if a fault occurs. Each plant is associated to a specialist who ensures correct operation and is ready to intervene if alarms appear on his/her remote control systems. The results are surprising:

  • 90% of faults are promptly identified and solved remotely, preventing disservices for customers
  • the average operating time for managed plants has surpassed 95%: Intergen plants are productive all year long, with the exclusion of downtime for machine maintenance.

Plus problems are solved remotely in 60% of cases. For the remaining ones, Intergen specialists are at the customer’s premises within 12 or 24 hours. Thanks to this highly qualified service with widespread network throughout the country, Intergen is able to ensure constant and continuous periodic maintenance thus making the customer’s production cycle more efficient even after installation of the plant.

Plant monitoring data, in addition to being fundamental for checking that the electricity and heat generation are always aligned with the needs of the production process, are indispensable for obtaining energy efficiency certificates for trading (TEE). For this purpose a detailed report containing the data required by the grid operator is sent to the customer each month, based on an automated system.

A customer oriented focus is confirmed by full-service contracts, which are customised and conceived based on specific plant needs. Guarantees are supplied upon request related to engine electricity and heat output. The contract also defines the time frame for first level routine maintenance operations, scheduled every 4,000 hours of operation, and second level, every 16,000 or 20,000 hours based on the model and size of the genset (engine and alternator).

“The after sales service is fundamental for reinforcing the relationship with the customer, basically creating a long-term stable partnership. In the past year various customers, including Rovagnati and Ospedale San Raffaele, have renewed their confidence in us based on positive collaboration that has lasted for years. They are proof of how a relationship of trust which is instilled by managing the assistance and maintenance service is fundamental for creating loyal customers,” explained Gianluca Sciuto, Altersales & Service Director of Intergen.