INTERGEN: new natural gas cogeneration plant for MADEL

Lomagna – October 2017 – Intergen installed a natural gas cogeneration plant at the Cotignola (RA) factory to improve the efficiency of the production system of the Italian company, a leader in the household cleaning and personal care product market.

Intergen, the Italian company that has worked in the energy sector for more than 70 years, specialised in the design and installation of high performance cogeneration plants, has activated a new plant at Madel Spa, an Italian company leader in the production of household cleaning and personal care products.

Madel, an Italian group founded in 1977, owns important commercial brands including Winni’s, Deox and Pulirapid and possesses an area that extends for 86,000 square meters housing 12 highly automated production lines able to produce up to 300 pieces a minute. The production process that takes place at the Cotignola factory in the province of Ravenna requires high amounts of electricity and thermal energy, an excellent condition for getting the most from the potential of a cogeneration plant.

The Romagna based company has been active for years searching for and implementing alternative energy resources to optimise its production process. Improved efficiency through a cogeneration unit is part of Madel’s “Green Philosophy”, which includes a maximum commitment to protect the environment. The combined production of electricity and thermal energy close to where it is consumed will also make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by around 1000 tonnes/year based on preliminary estimates. Optimisation of energy resources will also decrease production costs, making the company more competitive on the Italian and foreign markets.

Intergen is a partner that manages all of the process phases from the feasibility study to designing, up to installation and maintenance of the cogeneration plant. Following a careful analysis of the company’s consumption, a decision was made to install a cogeneration plant equipped with a natural gas fuelled MWM (Motoren Werke Mannheim) engine, model TCG2016V12, which supplies 600 kWe (250 NOx) of electrical power. The electricity produced and the recovered thermal energy will be entirely absorbed by the Madel factory utilities and used in the production phase and to heat the building.

Intergen has the expertise and know how to build plants based on customer needs. The cogenerator installed at Madel represents an excellent example of a “tailor made” plant which, in addition to meeting production energy needs, also meets the factory aesthetic requirements. The plant was designed with a custom outdoor enclosure which ensures containment of sound emissions below 55 dB(A) at 10 metres. It was also painted red to make the plant uniform with the surrounding buildings, minimizing the visual impact.

Intergen will guarantee a Full Service plan for Madel for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the plant. The exclusive dealership for the Italian market for MWM engines allows Intergen to train highly skilled technicians who take dedicated courses organised at its headquarters in Lomagna, and at the German parent company with on the job training, offering a top quality customer service 7 days a week 365 days/year with the availability of spare parts within 24 hours. This makes it possible to optimise engine performance, maximise electricity and thermal energy production, reducing plant investment pay back times, which based on estimates will be repaid in just three years of operation in Madel’s case.