INTERGEN: revamping of 4 rotary units for Banca Intesa

Lomagna – June 2017 – The IML Group’s business unit performed an important revamping operation of 4 KS® no-break rotary uninterruptible power supplies at the Parma branch of the banking group

Intergen, the IML Group’s energy division, specialised in designing and building high performance cogeneration plants, generating units for the oil&gas sector and unlimited reserve rotary uninterruptible power supplies, recently performed an important revamping operation to ensure uninterrupted electric power for the Parma branch of Banca Intesa.

In 2006 the Banca Intesa Group branch chose Intergen, the exclusive dealer for the Italian market for the Belgian Euro-Diesel brand, to install 4 KS rotary uninterruptible power supplies, each with a rated power of 1,750 kVA. The installation of DRUPS (Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply) units is a necessary choice for all data centers, banks, semiconductor factories, continuous cycle plants, hospitals, organisations and government institutions and agencies which cannot afford power drops or outages during daily activities and which thus require a greater protection for their electricity supply. These no-break systems manufactured by Euro-Diesel and distributed by Intergen ensure an uninterrupted power supply in the presence of micro interruptions, prolonged outages and voltage fluctuation and represent the most technically evolved solution for unlimited reserve DRUPS systems.

Following a careful analysis of the client’s consumption and needs, Intergen opted for a parallel installation (2+2 configuration) able to provide electricity for the two branches of the Data Center electrical installation, a strategic area of the bank. This configuration composed of redundant units guarantees replacement of the electric load required by the client even if one of the machines malfunctions.

Reliability, efficiency and accuracy have characterised Intergen’s work over the years. The company also handles all technical assistance activities for preventive and corrective maintenance on installed units.

The revamping operation was completed recently. The overhaul activity recommended by the manufacturer Euro-Diesel after 10 years of operation involved both the mechanical and electrical parts, of all four of the rotary uninterruptible power supply units aimed at restoring the system “to 0 hours”. This operation is suggested to prevent possible malfunctions, but also because the manufacturer guarantees correct operation of the installed KS units for another 10 years following the overhaul.

Intergen and Euro-Diesel have had a distribution agreement for Italy since 1990. This long partnership has allowed Intergen to design its maintenance service, train qualified technicians who are specialised on new products on the market and to offer partner companies who have adopted Euro-Diesel systems, as in the case of Banca Intesa, a top quality customer service available 7 days a week 365 days/year with the availability of spare parts within 24 hours, that always guarantees the supply of the required electricity in all conditions.

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