Motor-driven pump units

Fire-fighting motor-driven pump units

The motor-driven pump units are used where an adequate distribution network is not available for supplying electric motors or as backup for sensitive systems which require a redundancy of pumps for safety reasons.

The may be driven by diesel or gas engines based on locally obtainable fuel. In the event of high powers which require the use of medium speed engines (1,000 RPM) the use of a multiplier between the first engine and the pump is required.

They are supplied in package configuration equipped with all ancillary operating systems: start-up (electric, hydraulic or pneumatic including redundant to each other based on the power of the engine), control panel for both the engine and the pump and multiplier (if installed), fuel storage tank, exhaust line with silencer, cooling systems via electric radiators or evaporation towers, fire-fighting system and local and remote supervision and monitoring system. The package may be installed inside a container to allow for fast local assembly (plug&play), under an overhang or outdoors based on the type of use. The degree of soundproofing for the pumping system may be adapted to the unit installation site.

Centrifugal motor-driven pumps for large capacities and/or high heads for special industrial applications (Oil&Gas, chemical sector, mining, etc.) and water pipelines.

The typical use of this category is fire-fighting, where alternative and separate pump activation systems are requested for safety reasons.

Motor driven-pumps compliant with the N.F.P.A. standards can be supplied upon request.