Space Center – Satellite Service

Telespazio – Fucino L’Aquila

Telespazio began activity in 1963 and is now known as one of the most important “Teleports” in the world for commercial uses.

For Euro-Diesel, the Telespazio – Fucino plant, is one of the most prestigious calling cards among the installation in Italy: 140 parabolic antennas, distributed over an area of 370,000 m2 and managed by 14 control rooms: this concentration of technology is dedicated to satellite operations (LEOP – TT&C – IOT), Telecommunications, television and multimedia services.

In the beginning of the 1990s, after thirty years of operation, it became physiologically necessary to expand and modernise the electricity supply system, to keep up with the increasing growth in energy consumption and the quality and complexity of services requested by the market.

Feasibility study

After an in-depth and careful analysis of the pre-existing low voltage supply system with static UPSs, the most efficient and reliable solution was identified and implemented with the creation of two medium voltage (6kV) lines, whose uninterrupted energy is guaranteed by 4 Rotary NO-BREAK KS® systems from Euro-Diesel, each with 1,125 kVA.

The features of the NO-BREAK KS® system were fundamental for the selection:


  • Highly reliable
  • Limited number of electrical components
  • Reduced necessary maintenance
  • Reduced installation space
  • Elimination of timing devices
  • System efficiency up to 98%
  • Unlimited autonomy, linked only to the capacity of the diesel tank
  • Low operating costs

What we did

The winning experience of the Fucino plant was later repeated in 2010 and 2012 on the “Galileo” Telespazio project, again within the Fucino – Ortucchio (AQ) complex, with the installation of an additional 4 Rotary NO-BREAK KS® systems from Euro-Diesel, each 500 kVA.

laying of KS UPS units

Runners Point