We transform our expertise into solutions tailored to energy efficiency while respecting the environment. Energy as needed, where it is needed, when needed, through the leadership in Italy in the cogeneration and continuity groups sector. 


We design, build and maintain cogeneration and trigeneration plants. We support the customer in the analysis and decision phases to identify technical and economic solutions targeted to specific needs. We supply turnkey systems and guarantee the best performance thanks to an efficient service throughout the life of the plant.

We provide systems to ensure continuity of power supply in highly critical processes and operating conditions with low environmental impact technologies.

We guarantee our employees a safe work environment, open to change, oriented to professional growth, attentive to market developments.

We guarantee investors the correct remuneration of entrepreneurial risk and we pursue with determination the continuous growth of value over time of the company. 


We invest in the talent of the people who work in the company.

We anticipate and satisfy customer needs.

We respect the environment and the safety of people.