Vision and values: Intergen’s mission

Intergen is a continuously growing company in the plant engineering sector for the production of electricity and heat (basic and emergency energy and uninterrupted supply) thanks to its ability to identify new fields of application (there are no limits) and to search for new development opportunities around the world.

The constant commitment of each person in the company is to aim to reach excellence which is the key to continuation and growth on the market. Intergen works respecting people, the territory, the environment and occupational safety. The principle of continuity is the guiding value for all strategic decisions.

It is only through the conduct of all our employees that we can achieve our vision: “fun, service and profit”. Both in the production of goods and organisation of services it is the people who determine the competitive edge and allow us to offer products and services of a perceived high quality.

Product quality and reliability are guaranteed through constant innovation of the process, investment in qualified professional figures, constant training of operators, attention dedicated to meeting customer needs and compliance with the regulations connected with certifications.

Intergen is a combination of expertise and innovation. People with lengthy experience, young people in possession of creativity and enthusiasm, very high level specialists, who share a passion for their work and the vision of a more liveable, advanced and aware world.

“With its work Intergen contributes to improving the quality of life”