Stable energy for critical applications

KS no-break rotary UPSs

No-break KS systems, rotary UPS, dynamic UPS, DRUPS

The rotary UPSs (no break – KS) with unlimited reserve from 200 to 3,000 kVa ensure uninterrupted electricity supply in the presence of micro outages, longer outages and power surges on the mains and represent the most technologically evolved solution for unlimited reserve UPS systems.

Strategic sectors like telecommunications, data centers, healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical companies rely on this technology, which offers a form of sinusoidal wave and the absence of harmonic currents to all utilities connected to them.

If necessary direct coupling to a diesel engine on the same shaft, guarantees the unlimited supply of uninterrupted energy in the event of a black-out, transforming the DRUPS into a powerful and efficient generating set.

In the majority of projects and applications, a UPS system is usually required to supply ancillary loads as well, such as emergency lights, fire-fighting pumps, elevators, control and instrumentation systems and air conditioning.

In this case the KS® system demonstrates its versatility by ensuring a supply both in no-break and normal loads.

This is possible because the part of the electrical machine which acts as generator has been greatly overdimensioned.

Consequently a no-break system, with appropriate dimensioning of the electromagnetic coupling and the diesel engine, can provide nominal no-break power plus an equivalent normal power (stand-by) after the diesel engine has reached a stabilised speed.

In systems with static and static/rotary UPSs, this occurs with the addition of a generating set and thus with the need for greater space for the system, with separate rooms.

The KS® system normally takes up a space similar to that occupied by a normal generating set. No accumulator batteries, timing devices or air conditioning system is necessary, thus improving the reliability of the system and maintenance costs.

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