Methane gas cogeneration and trigeneration plants

Characteristics of the methane gas cogeneration and trigeneration plants

For more than 27 years Intergen has gained vast experience in designing and manufacturing cogeneration and trigeneration plants supplied with methane gas.

This clean fuel allows excellent operation of the equipment with less maintenance and long duration.

It is also very easy to obtain in Italy, given the presence of an extensive distribution network, which guarantees the certainty of availability over time and low installation costs. The methane gas cogeneration plants manufactured by Intergen feature high efficiency, resulting in energy savings of emissions released and thus savings in costs which may exceed 30%, compared to the production of hot water and steam through a boiler and acquisition of electricity from the grid.

Specific requirements

The strong point of Intergen plants is the personalised creation of cogeneration plants assembled on site.

The prefab panelled housing makes it possible to obtain significant abatement of the noise while still maintaining the compactness and accessibility for easy operation and maintenance.

This solution is used for large size systems installed outside plants and production sites.

Intergen designs and builds cogeneration plants in containers, preassembling most of the components in the factory: the modular composition of various containers makes it possible to reach whatever total power is requested by the customer.

This solution ensure the maximum compactness of the construction and reduction of on-site installation and commissioning times thanks to the final acceptance test performed in the factory at the end of the production process.

Intergen designs and builds cogeneration plants for installation in existing or newly built buildings, handling the on-site assembly of all the components and designing customised solutions to optimise the available space.

This approach makes it possible to use unused spaces and at the same time minimises the authorisation procedure.

Intergen can offer advice as early as the estimate phase to identify the best solution with the customer in terms of all aspects (environmental impact, noise, etc.)